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How to Make in America

Preparing Your Go to Market Plan


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As the CEO of a growing company, one of your biggest decisions is expanding overseas. The US market is large and dynamic, leading to a constant demand for innovation. A company that can meet this demand can secure predictable and scalable revenue growth. Yet in such an aggressive market, a hasty move can cost you that opportunity.

Launching your company in the U.S. is not just about opening a sales office there. Many times, founders are eager to make fast sales and often don't realize how important their company’s readiness and product-market fit are for the new market.

Understanding your market fit is vital to any company that wishes to enter the USA. When entering the US market, you need to refine your product-market fit. In this ebook, we provide international founders with a blueprint of how to prepare for the US market in order to maximize the efforts and results and focus on what matters the most – acquisition of new customers and not losing any opportunities that come their way.  

Download the ebook and get access to a step by step guide that will help you to stay focused and take the right actions.

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