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Exercise 1: What resources do you have available today?

A company’s resources can be divided into three basic stacks: tangible, intangible and human resources. Tangible assets are typically financial and physical resources the company has access to. Intangible assets are – for example – patents and technology, brand names, valuable relationships, exclusivity contracts, etc. Human resources and capabilities, on the other hand, enable these tangible and intangible resources to create value and competitive advantage for the company.

During this exersise, you will have three tasks:  

  1. Create a list of all tangible assets with necessary details.

  2. Create a list of all intangible assets with necessary details.

  3. Identify each team member’s roles and responsibilities (in-depth) on both the market and product sides.

  • Identify the distribution of time between roles and responsibilities.
  • Identify and pinpoint opportunities for specialization.
  • Identify and pinpoint potential capacity stress factors and necessary hires to scale.
  • Gain clarity on product and market focused teams.   

You can use the following templates to map company resources or any tool that supports such functionalities.

Tangible / Intangible assets:

Name of
The Asset
Type of Asset -
Product / Market
Competitive Advantage Location / Link
/ Owner of The Asset
Asset 1
Asset 2

Team members:

Name Role Responsibilities: Market Responsibilities: Product Time Spent on Market/ Product Opportunity For Specialization Potential Stress Factors Link / Email Notes
Employee 1
Employee 2

Who should perform this task:

Founder | Product Manager | Head of Sales

Kaya Stattmiller