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Exercise 3: How do you reach out to potential customers and close deals today?

In sales, a higher altitude process map covers all stages from a lead being sales-ready (at the end of the marketing process) to closing or losing the deal. It will also include outbound efforts that are handled by the sales team from the very beginning. The map should also include who is doing what, and which tools are used at each stage.

Map all the activities, tasks, and steps of your sales process based on your sales playbook or any other documents that provide guidelines and instructions for sales. You should also interview employees responsible for sales. Your employees will be your main source of information if you do not have any internal documents about your sales efforts.

When mapping your existing sales process, you have to answer the following questions:

  1. What is the number of outbound leads that you generated per month/year?

  2. Out of all outbound leads, how many are qualified per month/year?

  3. What is the number of deals won and lost per month/year?

  4. What is the churn rate per month/year (If applicable)?

  5. What are your outbound leads qualification criteria?

  6. What does your qualification process look like?

  7. How long is your average sales cycle?

  8. What is your cost of acquiring each customer through outbound?

  9. What are the most common friction points in the sales cycle?

  10. Do you have any supporting marketing collateral prepared for salespeople to send to prospects?

  11. What system do you use currently to track sales performance & metrics (e.g. CRM, Google Docs, etc)?

  12. How are the responsibilities shared among team members for the sales process?

  13. What are your conversion metrics at each stage of your sales process?

  14. What is your pricing model?

You can document those answers in any way.

Who should perform this task: 

Founder | Head of Sales

Kaya Stattmiller