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Exercise 4: Who did pay for your solution until now?

Fill out the account review template below in as much detail as possible – the more detail, the better you can build your ICP later on. By now, you should be able to answer the following questions:

  1. Who are your past and existing customers? What do they use your product for?
  2. Which industry(ies) do they belong to?
  3. Where are they located?
  4. What is their size in terms of employees and revenue?
  5. What is the deal size for each customer? What is the average deal size?
  6. One time or recurring (active) customer?
  7. When was each customer acquired? How long have they been using your product?
  8. What is the current status? Why did they churn (if applicable)?
  9. Who are the decision makers? Who are the influencers? Is there more than one decision maker in the sales process? Who are they?
  10. What specific reasons can you identify for why that deal was won?
  11. How, how much and how often are they currently using your product?  
  12. How many market segments do you have?
    • How many customers do you have in each segment?
    • Does each segment have the same use case? Why or why not?
    • What is the most common use case for my product? What features are they using and why?
  13. Can you identify any trends across your current accounts and customers?
  14. What is your hypothesis for classifying a good customer vs. a bad customer ?

You can use the following template to map your existing customer profiles or any tool that supports such functionalities:

Customer Name Industry Location Use Case Contract Details Deal Size Active vs One Time Client since when Current Status Amount of product useage by customer Company Size - Revenue Company Size - # of employees # of Decision makers Title/Department of Decision makers Title/department of Influencer Notes
Customer 1
Customer 2

Who should perform this task: 

Head of Sales | Founder | Customer Success Manager | Product Manager

Kaya Stattmiller