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Exercise 6: How do your customers experience your product?

In order to accurately chart your customer journey, these are the following key steps you must complete:

  1. Identify your customer lifecycle stages. One example of customer journey stages can be: Need, Awareness, Consideration, Selection/Purchase, Experience/Training, Loyalty, Advocacy.

  2. Identify Indicators. List down all the indicators that help you to identify which stage your customers are in. At this step, you further recognize what value (or not) your customers see at each stage.

  3. Identify your activities that help customers move through the stages. List for each stage how you help your customers today to move to the next stage in their life cycle. Identify the people who perform these activities and the tools they use.

  4. Identify content strategy. List for each stage the types of content that you use to move customers to the next stage in their life cycle.

You can use the following template below to map your customer journey or any tool that supports such functionalities.

Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 ...
Person Responsible
Tools Used
Content Needed

Who should perform this task:

Founder | Head of Sales | Marketing Manager

Kaya Stattmiller