Tap Into the US Market Faster

About Us

About Us


We are not consultants or advisors.

We are your partners who work with you to achieve goals set for the US market.


Only a structured approach allows you to learn the truth faster to succeed faster. Is the US market successful for any product? The truth is no. However, our evidence based approach enables you to:

1. Asses your feasibility faster and minimize your risk in terms of time and money.

2. Learn what you need to change and why in order to be successful in USA. 

We work closely with GrowthX, who are investors and pioneers in market acceleration in Silicon Valley. They, like us, firmly believe that founders must methodically go through a process of new market entry to learn first how customers will acquire and use their product in order to generate predictable revenue.

Our Team 

Kaya Web.png

Kaya Kwasniewska


Kaya launched Linque in 2014 as an answer to a need that she identified. Since that time, her mission is to help international companies to successfully tap into the US market. Prior, she was Director of Strategic Growth at Chicago-based start–up DailyDac and spent 5 years in KPMG as a management consultant.

Maddy web.png

Madhur "Maddy" Agrawal

Renaissance Guy Extraordinaire

Maddy co-founded three B2B companies and expanded them to EU, Middle-East and the USA. His typical clients include CXOs from fortune 500 companies as well as medium size businesses. He is a robotics engineer and published six papers on lean product development and customer value. 


Our Mentors

Kim web.png

Kimberly Gabriel

Sales Strategist

Kimberly has been selling for over 20 years and consulting for over 5 years and has earned a reputation of delivering immediate impact and results with all clients. Kimberly have 100% client success helping companies move into new markets while growing their pipeline by 50% while increasing their sales close ratios.

Sean web.png

Sean Sheppard

Sales Influencer & Investor

Five-time selling founder and founding partner at GrowthX, Sean is a thought leader in startup sales and marketing. Ranked the 2nd most influential sales leader online, Sean has helped dozens of startups achieve predictable, scalable growth by implementing proven sales and marketing methodologies.  


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