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Products and markets are unique, but the path to finding the product-market fit is not.


Our workshop "Lean Customer Validation for the U.S. Market" is dedicated to international B2B companies who are about to start or are in the process of acquiring their first clients in the U.S. market. During an one-to-one session, we will create together a customized roadmap to acquire first clients in the U.S. that you can start implementing the next day. 

Why you need this workshop? 3 simple reasons:


Reason 1

In the past, the major risk in creating a company was the product as a technology was expensive and complex. Founders believed that “If we can build it, they will come.” Today, the technology and complexity are reduced, so the biggest risk for most companies has shifted from getting the product to work to getting it to market. Now, founders must ask themselfves: “When we build it, will they come?”.

Reason 2

Pre 2014, founders were able to raise Series A while still figuring out product-market fit. That has changed. Now early-stage and seed capital must produce product-market fit.

Reason 3

The U.S. market is large and dynamic, leading to a constant demand for innovation. A company that can meet this demand can secure predictable and scalable revenue growth. Also, the innovations and improvements the company develops for the U.S. market can give you a competitive advantage in other markets.


As they say, Traction Speaks Louder Than Words so if the U.S. is one of your top markets and you are planning to raise more funds then the validation of customers in the U.S. is a must for you.


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